I Need Many of These Things

Here’s an Imgur gallery of 36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home. I have decided that, in several instances, they are correct.

2013-08-02 Glass Encased Basement Pool

Glass-encased basement pool? Yes, please. 

2013-08-02 Chilled Produce Drawers

Chilled produce drawers built right into the counter? That actually seems quite practical.

2013-08-02 Designated Sleepover Room

Designated sleepover room? Is there any doubt?

2013-08-02 Indoor-Outdoor Hottub

Indoor/outdoor hotub? Oh, yes.

2013-08-02 The Hobbit Window

And let’s not forget the Hobbit window!

Last comment: there’s a 2-story closet on the list. Who needs a 2-story closet? Anyone that picks a 2-story closet over a 2-story library¬†has no soul.