Breakthrough Human Brain-to-Brain Interface

2013-08-28 Human-to-Human Brain Interface

From the Verge:

Rajesh Rao, a professor at UW who has worked on brain-computer interfacing for more than a decade, looked at a screen and had to fire a cannon to shoot down an enemy plane while avoiding friendly planes. On the other side of campus, Andrea Stocco had the keyboard to execute those commands, but couldn’t see the game itself. But using their brain-to-brain interface, Rao imagined that he was using his right hand to click the space bar on a keyboard — and Stocco’s right hand carried out the command without any conscious movement on his part. Stocco likened it to an involuntary twitch or a nervous tic.

We’ve had rat-to-rat and even rat-to-human interfaces before, but this if the first human-to-human interface. We’re living in the future, folks, and sometimes, the future is equal parts cool and creepy.