Dog (and gun) help disabled Middletown woman fend off intruder

A 64-year-old woman in Cincinnati, Mabel Fletcher, fended off a home intruder by firing three shots from her 9mm Glock. Police believe the intruder got into the home through a broken guest bedroom window. Fletcher’s dog, Benji, woke Fletcher shortly before the intruder entered her bedroom and attacked her. As Fletcher explains,

“I have heard of so many break-ins and I am a widow and I am by myself and I thought somebody could come in,” she said. “My dog could let me know, but if they could probably shoot him and then I’d have no protection and they could kill me. So I had to get me a weapon to protect myself.”

The intruder, who was not hit by Fletcher but did flee, turned out to be 21-year-old Paige Stacey. The police later found her asleep in a car, in possession of Xanax, heroin, Hydromorphone, and a syringe.