If You Post on Twitter, You Might Be a Narcissist

"If you constantly Tweet or your name is Kanye West, you might be a narcissist."
“If you constantly tweet, or your name is Kanye West, you might be a narcissist.”

A recent study has linked Twitter to narcissism, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, there appears to be a generational divide: narcissistic college students preferred Twitter, while narcissistic adults preferred Facebook (likely due to Millennials viewing status updates as routine as telephone calls were to previous generations). When it comes to Facebook, “the frequency with which users post status updates is a better predictor” of narcissism than mere usage, notes one of the study’s authors. “We can also begin to dig deeper – if posting frequency is linked to narcissistic traits then it’s important to determine whether this applies to any kind of posting (like linking to a news story) or only postings related to one’s own thoughts, feelings, and accomplishments.” A piece in The Atlantic followed up with a nice overview of the research behind narcissism and social media, including online gaming.

I wonder what this says about bloggers…