Podcast with A Thoughtful Faith

Micah Nickolaisen enjoyed the series of posts that I wrote for Times and Seasons about epistemic humility, so he asked if I’d like to do a podcast for A Thoughtful Faith. After I got over the surprise that someone wanted to do a podcast with me, I said sure and the week before last we had a nice conversation.

If you liked the Times and Seasons articles, or if you missed out on them but are curious about epistemic humility, then please give this podcast a listen.

4 thoughts on “Podcast with A Thoughtful Faith”

  1. I am listening to this right now. I think it is great. I couldn’t help to feel a tinge of guilt when you mentioned that as grateful as you were for your mission, it was hard. I know as I look back on our MTC days, I wasn’t a big help. I enjoy your writings and I’m glad to get to hear a little from you on this podcast.

  2. Well, now I feel guilty for giving you a twinge of guilt! All the things that made my mission difficult for me were caused by me, and I definitely wasn’t thinking of anyone else when I said that!

  3. Well, you’ve obviously survived any of my 19 year old naivete, and done very well. I blame it all on your being so damn smart. ;)

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