Mormon Women Project: Tana Flowers

I’m a big fan of The Mormon Women Project in general, and I particularly liked last week’s interview with Tana Flowers. Tana Flowers has a very famous husband (Brandon Flowers, you might have heard him on your radio), but appropriately this article is sincerely about Tana’s life, not an excuse to ask more about her rockstar husband.

Lots of snippets from the short interview stick out to me, but without a doubt this is my favorite: “Heavenly Father blesses women. We have sensors and we know what’s going on.” That describes perfectly my wife’s ability to always know when I’m up to something!

Tana’s life is a little unique–we’re not all married to spouses who get their pictures on the cover of magazines–but learning about how the two of them work through the difficulties and stress of their life has really general applicability. In any case, it’s an interesting read so go check it out.