National Review on the Friend or Foe Website

2013 03 18 Concealed Carry

Today’s turning out to be a busy news day, but I can’t not post about my good friend Chris Walsh’s awesome website Friend or Foe getting its own piece in the National Review. As the NR piece says:

He started the website Friend or Foe in 2009 to keep track of where he could shop and eat without running afoul of business policies and local regulations… Walsh’s website is an Angie’s List for Second Amendment advocates.

The site has 11,000 rankings already, and I’m sure that a prominent article in the National Review is going to lead to a lot more soon. I hope Chris has good hosting! I didn’t contribute any rankings when he was getting the site off the ground a few years ago (sorry, Chris), but as the density of reviews increases and as I no longer work where weapons are prohibited for me every day I know I’ll be another grateful user of the site.