Now That I’ll Be Living At Home Again…

For the last 8 months I’ve been leaving my family every Sunday evening to drive 3 hours away (more, if there’s traffic) for work. Then, on Friday afternoon, I’d turn around and come home. If traffic was good, I’d get to see my kids on Friday evening before they went to sleep. If not, I’d only have 2 days every week with my kids, and just a couple hours more with my wife.

I recently accepted a new job, one that is only about an hour from home and where I’ll even be able to work from home a couple of days a week, and I’m understandably thrilled.

I think it’s cause for celebration, and I think this is how I’m going to celebrate:

2013 03 14 Breakfast Sandwich Maker

That’s right: an all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker.

In case you’re wondering why I’d ruin a perfectly sentimental piece about how much I love my family with an advertisement for small kitchen appliances, I’ll just  point this out: I would have no interest in buying this for myself while I’m living alone during the week. I could never enjoy the delicious morning goodness which it proffers alone. I’ll be making assorted breakfast sandwiches for my wife because I’m a morning person and she is not. (I think she views delicious breakfast as a consolation prize for getting out of bed.) I’ll be trying to make them for the kids (although we’ll see how that goes over). And yeah, I’ll be making them for myself, but they will only be delicious because I’m eating them with my family.

See? Even small kitchen appliances can be sappy.

(If only they made one that did two at once…)

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  1. You should discuss that with them as a sale point for families instead of a single one. You know, how they have multiple sizes of the foreman indoor grill thing.

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