Belated Milestone… 10,000th view

I was going to make a post of some kind when I hit 10,000 cumulative page views, but time sort of got the better of me and I missed it. By a lot.

2013-04-20 Stats

As you can see, I’m at 11,833 views (as of a few minutes ago). You can also see that the last three weeks–since starting my new job–have been pretty rough in terms of traffic. (That’s what happens when I don’t post.) This past few days, with about 100 visitors and 200 page views, are closer to where I was before that point.

I launched this blog in November 2012 (I think), but then really started blogging more seriously in January 2013. I’ve also been writing for a few other sites. I post (almost) every Monday for Times & Seasons, I’ve had a few pieces reposted at the Secular Pro-Life blog (one got picked up by LifeSiteNews), and I’ve also started blogging for A Thoughtful Faith. The longer I post the more cool  people I meet, but if it wasn’t for people coming to read my stuff it would all be pointless.

So I just want to say thanks to everyone who comes and reads what I write, and especially to the folks who comment. (I’m looking forward to hitting 1,000 comments!). I’m glad I’m not just talking to myself, and I hope I’ll continue to have things to say and share that you find worth your time.