Amazing Conspiracy Theory Post

I was doing some research for my sci-fi writing when I came across what is, without doubt, my favorite conspiracy-theory post so far. It begins “NASA the rat bastards” and goes downhill from there. The point of the first paragraph is that NASA radar dishes “are transmitters not receivers”, but the post really opens up new vistas of crazy in the second paragraph, which I’ll quote in full:

All planets have life 1 million years ahead of us but some still transmit on our level, these transmissions would be received by regular radio & television sets if not blocked. Nichelle Nichols is proof of the life on other planets: – no Star Trek ever included Saturn as a subject, she is profiling herself in front of Saturn because she is from Saturn, and 1 million years beyond us in knowledge.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Now I’m a bit of a Trekkie, but I wasn’t sure if “LIBERATOR” (the apparent author) was seriously arguing that Uhura, from the original Star Trek, was “proof of life on other planets”, so I had to check and see if Nichelle Nichols is the name of the woman who played Uhura. Sure enough, that’s her. And not only does actually exist, but it even features an image of Saturn on the front page!

2013-04-23 Uhura

This all makes me think that the post isn’t just an intentional joke. Someone out there really believes this. And by this, we’re also talking about the conspiracy theory that:

NASA & their bullshit schemes, I love the Jupiter one the best – yeah, a giant ball of gas is going to retain perfect spherical shape, for crying out loud. It’s giant hostile lifeforms on Jupiter so they want us to believe it’s unhabitable

It’s unclear to me whether Nichelle Nichols is or is not connect to the “giant hostile lifeforms on Jupiter”, but this post was just so good I had to share. Although I have to admit, here at the end, that I feel a little bit bad. I sort of hope this guy is functional in the rest of his life and/or is getting professional help. That someone really believes this… first it’s hilarious. Then it’s kind of sad.