Salon’s New Atheism Takedown

2013-06-26 Salon New Atheist Takedown

I’m pretty much over the New Atheists these days, probably because the one Facebook friend of mine who posted Dawkins and Hitchens quotes most frequently left Facebook. Funny, how our worldview can hinge on such inconsequential matters. Even when we know all about selection bias and problems with small sample sizes, it just takes too much cognitive power to keep a constant watch on unruly intuitions.

In any case, this is a particularly good take-down of New Atheism (specifically: of the late Christopher Hitchens) and, surprisingly enough, it comes from Salon.

Even more surprising? It cites a “The Most Misunderstood Book: Christopher Hitchens on the Bible,” which is  an article from the FARMS Review of the Maxwell Institute out of BYU.

Salon quoting Mormons to take down Hitchens? The world is truly upside down.