These Drudge Headlines Annoy Me

2013-07-05 Drudge Kerry

Here’s the thing: what could Kerry be doing during the Egypt crisis that would actually help? Doesn’t Drudge spend a lot of time talking about how pointless and fruitless our sporadic interventions into the Middle East tend to be? We lent a hand in Libya and that got rather ugly (first Al Qaeda took credit for a lot of the victory, then there was the whole Benghazi thing when we tried to get our weapons back) and we haven’t lent a hand in Syria and that’s even worse. Seems that we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t, so if Kerry wants to go yachting on the Fourth of July: good for him. I wish I had a yacht. That sounds fun.

I’m sure there are these things called cell phones if anything requires his attention and, to be quite honest, the thing that’s most interesting to me here is that he’s still apparently windsurfing at age 69. Not bad!

This kind of dumb “red meat” writing is why I end up finding more in common with the despised moderates and RINOs. It’s pointless, excessive, and probably hypocritical to boot.

I know you need to fill space, Drudge, but go find a real story. I’m sure someone was horribly murdered in an unusual way somewhere or something.

2 thoughts on “These Drudge Headlines Annoy Me”

  1. Despite the fact that I use Drudge report and appreciate bringing to light stories that often display a certain amount of political hypocrisy, I do get tired of the meaningless filler stories and headlines used to bait.

  2. To me the real controversy was not that Kerry was on a yacht but that the State Dept lied about it. Stupid. I saw the allusion to the 2004 election flip-flop theme was just headline banter.

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