Tipping $200: Another Reason I’d Like to be Rich

OK, “I wish I was rich” is probably not the intended response to this feel-good video, but I think we all daydream sometimes about winning the lottery, right? I have at least, on and off since I was a teenager. Maybe that makes me a hedonistic materialist?

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed, however. When I was a kid I primarily fixated on the awesome stuff I would get to pimp out my room and my computer. I was basically fantasizing about the ultimate man-cave. The older I’ve gotten, however, the more I find myself thinking about the feeling I’d have when I gave large sums of money to people who I know could really use it.

The reality is that I have a pretty comfortable, great life as a middle class American in the 21st century. It would be fun to have more expensive toys, but I’ve purchased enough gadgets in my life to know the buzz fades quickly. The real impact would just be a sense of security. But then again, that just makes me feel like I’m not living my life with as much faith as I should be, if money in the bank is what I need to feel at ease. It’s a call to greater effort on my part, really.

The point I’m making is just this: giving away money would be really fun. I don’t imagine I’d get out a camera to record it (although it was nice that these folks did), but I certainly do think I’d do similar stuff. I’d have a “give away budget” just for that purpose, and it would be awesome.