Can Time Guess Your Politics?

Time gave it their best shot, but it didn’t turn out so well.

2014-01-10 Times Politics
Ummm…. no.

Not really their fault. I’ve often observed that in terms of temperament I’m much more like liberals than conservatives. So I wasn’t surprised that they were wrong. I could even easily tell, question-by-question, which ones would get me nudged in which direction or the other. Here are the specific results, by the way:

2014-01-10Time Politics Detailed

No big surprise, some of them some contradictory. Example “You wish there were no countries,” vs. “You’re proud of your country’s history.” Yeah: I’d love to live in one, giant, happy global community. Apparently humans tend to need an adversary (a “them”) to define a community (an “us”), but I’ve always hoped that a communal endeavor–something like exploring the Solar System–could unite us without the need for an enemy. I’d love to live in that world. We just don’t. Yet.

So… how does Time’s prediction work out for you guys?

1 thought on “Can Time Guess Your Politics?”

  1. Yeah, they pinned me as far more conservative than I am. On another note. They really have no concept of “modern” browser do they? FF could be considered the oldest browser, rebranded. I’m debating analyzing some of the rest of this test, but not while I’m typing 1 thumbed on a phone.

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