The Slow Hunch: A Man With True Grit (A Recap)

"They tell me you are a man with true grit."
“They tell me you are a man with true grit.”

I haven’t been linking my posts from The Slow Hunch much and with school beginning, it will be difficult to do longer, well-researched write-ups. My most recent post explains the brief hiatus and attempts to spin it into a personal development of “grit.” Since posts will be rare in the next few weeks, readers will have time to catch up on the last few (I know that’s been a high priority for them…). Without further ado:

  • A Gritty Hiatus” is the one the described above and features some interesting links on MBAs, grit, willpower, and focus.
  • ‘I Have Seen Hell…’” looks at the historical impact of the Christian worldview on human dignity and welfare and the power it can have for human well-being today.
  • Engaging Heaven: Further Notes on ‘The Upward Path’” is a follow-up to a two-part series at Worlds Without End (mentioned by Nathaniel both here at DR and at Times & Seasons) on worker engagement, positive psychology, and personal and organizational well-being.