Heineken’s New Add: Dance More, Drink Less


OK, they said "drink slow" and I said "drink less". Close enough.
OK, they said “drink slow” and I said “drink less”. Close enough.

Of course we can be cynical about a company that sells beer making a commercial that says if you’re really having fun you’re going to drink less beer, but I still think it’s a great message. Don’t get me wrong: as a Mormon I don’t drink any beer so on the one hand it doesn’t apply to me. But, also as a Mormon, I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with other folks drinking, as long as they’re being reasonable and not hurting themselves of encouraging others to hurt themselves.

What I really liked about the video is simply this: I grew up having a lot of fun without ever drinking. I often hear about how alcohol is a “social lubricant” that helps people loosen up, but in my experience Mormons never needed any help. One of the best times I ever had was when I hung out with a bunch of other Mormon kids (all of us teenagers) and we played hide-and-seek in someone’s house. Yes, a bunch of adolescents with driver’s licenses for real played hide-and-seek, and it was amazing. Hilarious. Fun.

So if Heineken wants to tell people they can shift their attention from the drinking to the dancing (or whatever), I think that’s pretty cool. And if it helps them sell more Heineken, that’s fine.

As long as folks don’t, you know, drink them all at once. :-)