About that Elder Tanner / Elder Oaks Meme

2014-04-16 Tanner vs Oaks Meme

This image seems to have started making the rounds before Elder Oaks even finished his remarks on priesthood authority. I mostly ignored it at the time, but a couple days ago I came across this post which analyzed the origins of the two quotes. Biggest point? The Elder Oaks quote is wrong. He did not say that women are not free to alter the divinely decreed pattern. He said that the General Authorities are not free to make that change. That takes it from a kind of chauvinist slap-down to an expression of modest humility in what leaders can do. And, after all, the argument that God would have to reveal His will on this matter is something that even OW seems to support. 

Anyway, the background is interesting, so check out the whole article.