The Slow Hunch: Realizations & Future Directions


My own writing practices are the direct opposite of that followed by…prolific and renowned writers. I write only when I have something to say. The big disadvantage of this is that it can mean a lot of down time. There are manuscripts of mine that sat around gathering dust for years without a word being added to them. – Thomas Sowell

So begins my latest post at The Slow Hunch. What I failed to consider for years about the quote above is that Sowell was talking about books, not blog posts. I was too worried about coming up with a grand, unifying theory of everything for every single post at The Slow Hunch, [ref]Any casual reader of my blog will realize that I fell woefully short of this goal.[/ref]  which is probably why I’ve failed to write much over there the past few years (only a couple posts per month). Plus, blogging at Worlds Without End and Difficult Run made original posts more challenging. So, I’ve decided to try a slightly different direction: I will continue to link to non-SH posts I author (e.g. WWE, longer essays here at DR). However, I plan for most[ref]I say most because I still want the freedom to blog about whatever I want.[/ref] of my SH posts to relate to the theme of “worship through corporeality,” specifically the marriage of business and theology.[ref]Nathaniel has played a role in nudging me toward this niche.[/ref] I hope to write more frequently on this subject, from brief comments to longer essays. I will continue to link to them from DR. Hopefully, it turns into something worthwhile.

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  1. I, for one, am pretty psyched about this. I think your insights into business and theology are both super cool and super unique, and I’m thrilled to have you turn Slow Hunch into a specialist blog on that topic!

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