Before “I Do”

This is the title of a brand new study out from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found that having a child before marriage, beginning a relationship by “hooking up,” having multiple sexual partners before marriage, and serial cohabitation can lead to lower marital quality in the future. The data indicate that making intentional decisions rather than simply sliding through relationship transitions increases marital quality. What was especially interesting to me was that formal weddings can actually increase marital quality. Furthermore, the number of wedding attendees can also impact marital quality.

Definitely worth a look.

4 thoughts on “Before “I Do””

  1. Cool study–thanks for the heads up.

    (I did some research on the covenant marriage movement a while back, and there’s one really good book on the topic in particular. But I’m not remembering the title correctly right now, though I’ll try to come back and post the title when I remember, mainly for my own benefit.)

  2. Wierd. What surprises me is that the prophets predicted this surprising result. How could they have? I mean they are all old and male. White too, I am given to understand.

  3. I find it curious that the number of attendees can affect marriage quality. I suppose that is similar to the community showing it’s support of and for your union as husband and wife. Interesting.

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