The Slow Hunch: Another Recap

Once again, I have let all three readers of my blog The Slow Hunch down. Instead of providing links here on Difficult Run to new blog posts each time I write one, I’ve let them build up over the past couple months. To add a little salt to the wound, letting them pile up has made realize that I still don’t post all that much despite my supposedly new commitment to do so.

But I digress. Here is yet another recap of my past few posts at The Slow Hunch:

  • The Edinburgh Review, 1854: “All Is ‘Of the Earth, Earthy'”” – Looks at an April 1854 report in The Edinburgh Review examining Mormonism in Utah, which emphasizes the overlap of the sacred and the “earthy” among the Mormons.
  • The Union Review, 1868: “Labour, In Fact, Is Their Religion”” – Relies on another non-Mormon account–this time from a book review in an 1868 volume of The Union Review–that comments on the religious nature of the Utah Mormons’ industriousness.
  • Thomas Carlyle and the “Perennial Nobleness” of Work” – Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle’s “Draft Essay on the Mormons” praised the leadership of Brigham Young (though not by name) and the practical, action-oriented belief system of the Mormons. Carlyle’s well-known “gospel of work” in also briefly examined in various letters and writings. 
  • The Human Economy” – Discusses the shift from an industrial (hired hands) to a knowledge (hired heads) to an eventual human (hired hearts) economy. Managers are beginning to pay attention to the “soft skills” of those they hire.
  • Resolving Conflict” – Features a TEDX talk from author Jim Ferrell of the Arbinger Institute on resolving conflict at home, work, and abroad.

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