Live-Tweeting the GOP Debate Tonight

I’ve had a Twitter account forever. Thought I’d try something new with it tonight and live tweet the GOP debate on CNN tonight, starting at 8pm. Follow me on Twitter if that sounds interesting: @NathanielGivens.

If I’m happy with the results–who knows?–I’ll post them here.

1 thought on “Live-Tweeting the GOP Debate Tonight”

  1. I watched the full debate yesterday and just read your live tweets. I enjoyed it :-)

    My current candidate rankings (that are actually in the race):

    1) Rubio – most electable IMO, principled but pragmatic as far as I can tell
    2) Fiorina – Tough cookie, smart, Beltway outsider
    3) Paul – The libertarian streak in me would just love to see him get elected and annoy the political establishment. Not always the most pragmatic though. Does he still have all the crazy Ron Paulites?
    4) Christie – Problematic, I know, but I still like the guy and how he refuses to play the politician games (for the most part). Also tough and pragmatic.
    5) Walker – I like what he did in Wisconsin and I’m sure he would do great, but he seems dull and timid on the national political stage. Also: boring.
    6) Jeb – His biggest strike against him is his name. But I can’t help but find myself agreeing with him on many of his stances and he did well in the last debate. Still don’t want another Bush. Why couldn’t he have been president instead of George?
    7) Kasich – Don’t know enough about him but he seems capable and electable enough.

    Any of the above I can live with as the nominee. Then come the Oh Noes:

    8) Carson – Nice guy but woefully out of his depth.
    9) Cruz – I really can’t stand the guy whenever he speaks.
    10) Huckabee – Represents everything I don’t like about the Republican party.
    11) Trump – “We’re gonna win so much you’re gonna get tired of winning.” Yeah…

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