Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?

Cruz Scandal

Just picked up this story on Facebook: 8 Things You Need to Know About Ted Cruz’s Sex Scandal. Some thoughts:

  1. This is one article, so it’s not proof, but the sources seem very legit. For example: National Enquirer is kind of a joke, but they were right about Tiger Woods. And John Edwards. (See the article for more.)
  2. I have never liked Ted Cruz. He is second only to Donald Trump on my list of major candidates that I’d rather not see in the general (let along the White House), and has been for a while. I disagree with his politics, but more than that I have found his behavior in the past to be dishonorable. In short: he panders. A lot. In most cases, I’d rather vote for someone with good character than someone who perfectly matches my political philosophy.1
  3. Can this GOP primary season get any worse?
  4. Bet you’re glad Kasich didn’t drop out, now.
  5. I’d really like a 15 minute conversation with Glenn Beck. I think he’s sincere and I respect him a lot for standing up consistently against Donald Trump. However, he’s been in the tank for Cruz for a long time, and I knew he was getting conned. Beck’s heart is in the right place, but he’s not a very good judge of character or politics. His advisers suck.2
  6. Help us, #Romney2016, you’re our only hope.