Trump’s Approval Ratings Among Religions

Well, this is disappointing:

President Donald Trump received well-above-average job approval ratings in 2017 from Mormons and Protestants, and well-below-average ratings from those who identify with a non-Christian faith, including Muslims and Jews, and from those who have no formal religious identity. Catholics’ approval of Trump roughly matched the national average.

  • Mormon: 61%
  • Protestant/Other Christian: 48%
  • National adults: 39%
  • Catholic: 38%
  • Jewish: 26%
  • None/Atheist/Agnostic: 23%
  • Other non-Christian religion: 22%
  • Muslim: 18%

The hell people?1


2 thoughts on “Trump’s Approval Ratings Among Religions”

  1. I don’t like much about Trump at all and I certainly didn’t vote for him. But his actions, specifically in dismantling of the federal administrative state little-by-little and reducing ill-gotten federal power, has been very welcome to a liberty-loving person like myself.

    I expect small-town Utah Mormons are extremely happy about some of the monument changes and this may have affected this poll. I’ve spoken to many of them and Bill Clinton basically gave them the middle finger in the 1990s.

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