Are Liberals the Real Authoritarians?

I've been very influenced by Jonathan Haidt's work on moral foundations theory which, in a nutshell, postulates that there are 6 components to intuitive moral reasoning, and that conservatives tend to apply them all but liberals only use a narrow … [Read more]

Muslims in WWII and the Holocaust

  The Washington Post has recently published an article by Michael Wolfe entitled “Meet the Muslims who sacrificed themselves to save Jews and fight Nazis in World War II.” I’m glad that the article tries to present a forgotten side of … [Read more]

Some Thoughts on Mean Conservatives

Conservatives have a reputation for being mean: callous, unthinking, insensitive, cruel. You get the picture. Part of the reason conservatives have that reputation is because it's politically advantageous for liberals to portray them that way. But … [Read more]

An Objective Net Neutrality Overview

I found this blog post on net neutrality to be a pretty good, unbiased overview of the debate. I'm actually somewhat undecided on the issue. The cons are pretty obvious. If ISPs are allowed to create different tiers for different kinds of Internet … [Read more]

Marriage and Children Outcomes

  The above graph comes from yet another post at the Brookings Institution, which finds that marriage leads to better outcomes for children. However, this study breaks it down into two main reasons: More money: the income … [Read more]

My Top 10 Most Influential Books

A friend of mine (in real life and on Facebook) issued me one of those Facebook challenges, in this case to list the top 10 books that had been most influential on me. I usually ignore those kinds of things, but I knew this one would be a ton of fun, … [Read more]

The Slow Hunch Recap

I said a while back that I would link to my posts at The Slow Hunch given its slightly new direction. But for whatever reason, I've totally forgotten to link to the past several posts. So, instead of blowing up DR with multiple posts simply … [Read more]