The Moynihan Report Revisited

The Atlantic has an interesting historical piece on the Moynihan Report by Peter-Christian Aigner, who is writing a biography on Moynihan. The piece looks at Moynihan's actual politics and motivations behind his now (in)famous report and reveals some … [Read more]

A Sweet Goodbye: Star Wars Funeral

My siblings and I often joke (probably a bit morbidly) that we are going to play The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" at Dad's funeral. Not sure why--especially when you consider that it is about a brothel--other than the fact that he really likes … [Read more]

The Interracial Marriage Analogy

The Atlantic has a recent piece contrasting the claims that to opposition same-sex marriage is just like previous opposition to interracial marriage. This allows those favoring gay marriage to see their cause as similar to that of the Civil Rights … [Read more]