Feeding the World With GMOs

Golden rice was possible only with genetic engineering. The crop was stalled for more than ten years by the working conditions and requirements demanded by regulations...For example, we lost more than two years for the permission to test golden rice … [Read more]

The New Atheism As Religion

Yes, yes. I'm well aware that seeking to sound clever with oxymoronic titles is tiresome, but--as John Gray argues in What Scares the New Atheists--religion and atheism are not actually contradictory. Not necessarily, in any case. The argument, which … [Read more]

In Which Guns Save Lives

I haven't written about guns and gun control in a long time. In part, this is a sad indictment of American politics: we talk about gun control pretty much exclusively in the wake of some horrific massacre (here or abroad) and, other than that, pretty … [Read more]

Divorce and Declining Christianity

A recent blog post at Patheos made an important point regarding recent declines in Christianity throughout the United States: Some will attempt to spin this as a victory for atheists, implying that people are “seeing the light” and the light is … [Read more]