Before “I Do”

This is the title of a brand new study out from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found that having a child before marriage, beginning a relationship by "hooking up," having multiple sexual … [Read more]

Ferguson: Rushing to Rush to Judgment

I wanted to share a couple more thoughts on this topic. First, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and he was arguing that the idea that white cops are killing black kids is a myth. To back up his claim, he asked what people were using as the most … [Read more]

A Working Hard Drive In Minecraft

  That picture, from this Imgur thread, is a working hard disk drive created entirely inside the game Minecraft. Minecraft, for those of you who live underneath a rock, is sort of like Legos but for video games: you can use cubes from a … [Read more]

T&S Post: We Are Made to Suffer

After taking a break from posting at Times And Seasons for the last couple of months, I posted this morning about the necessary role of pain and suffering in human life and our society's maladaptive response to it. I have lots more posts in progress, … [Read more]

Ferguson and Common Ground

I was on vacation all last week, and so I've been catching up on the events from Ferguson, MO over the past couple of days. CBSNews has a pretty good rundown. I've seen one particular article that grabbed my attention, however: What I Did After … [Read more]

The DR Comment Policy

A major theme that the DREditors often write about is the importance of seeing past political partisanship and engaging people from different backgrounds in meaningful discussion on controversial topics. So we're very happy to have a diverse group of … [Read more]

Advertising on DR

Difficult Run started using the Amazon Associates program in 2014. This means that some of our articles contain links to products at (almost always books that we like), and if you purchase those products or any other product after using … [Read more]