I Miss Mitt (America Does, Too)

I've been saving this adorable BuzzFeed Politics article since I saw it a couple of weeks ago: Mitt Romney Has The Same Problems We All Have Flying Coach. It made me miss Mitt--by which I mean, miss what might have been--almost as much as the … [Read more]

Immigration and the Poor

Immigration is in the news again with the influx of Central American children across U.S. borders. Some of the responses to these child immigrants have shown the ugly side of American nationalism. This skepticism toward immigration can be traced back … [Read more]

A Little on Hamas

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply personal to me. I am Israeli, and still have family in Israel. I also have Palestinian friends and acquaintances. Death and suffering are not abstract or theoretical notions. They will always affect someone … [Read more]

I Am An Object

Last week I was carrying my laptop out of my home office to use in another room and I tried to close the door behind me. I was, at the moment, deeply engrossed in some speculation that seemed very important to me at the time, which is I why I … [Read more]

A History of Air Conditioning

Popular Mechanics has a fun timeline of air conditioning.  Given that it is the middle of summer and I live in Texas, I can't imagine living without A/C. It is sometimes easy to forget that the first home-based air conditioning unit was installed for … [Read more]