Exploring The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is probably the most vexing philosophical question for monotheism. It has affected people I know personally all the way up to famous scholars like Bart Ehrman. What are we to do with this problem? Even though the question has been … [Read more]

A Catholic Daredevil

Having just finished the first season today, I was pleased to find this insightful piece at Slate on Netflix's new series Marvel's Daredevil. The article explains, "To really understand Daredevil—both the comic book and the new show—you need to … [Read more]

Some Sad Puppy Data Analysis

  The list of fairly big-name outlets covering the 2015 Hugos / Sad Puppies controversy has gotten pretty long, but here's how you know this is Officially a Big Deal: George R. R. Martin has been in a semi-polite back-and-forth blog argument … [Read more]

Remembering a Forgotten Woman

There have been calls to replace Andrew Jackson’s portrait on the twenty dollar bill with that of a woman. It is a good idea, and Women On 20s recently announced their four finalists. Worthy, if predictable, choices. I know that you can’t choose … [Read more]