Pointless Existence

I'll just start with my thesis: the only rational and consistent outlook of materialist atheism (hereafter referred to simply as atheism for brevity) is that life is pointless. Believing otherwise inevitably involves some degree of delusion or … [Read more]

Why I Like Oaths

Solemn oaths today seem to strike people as some combination of quaint, naive, and constricting. They're the kind of thing for a person long on overactive imagination and short on worldly experience. But personally, I like them very much. I find them … [Read more]

The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism

As the U.S. moves into a new theater of the war on terror, it will miss its best chance to beat back Islamic State and other radical groups in the Middle East if it doesn’t deploy a crucial but little-used weapon: an aggressive agenda for economic … [Read more]

Inequality in Non-Cognitive Traits

A recent publication by the Chicago Fed looks at skill gaps in numeracy, literacy, problem-solving, and non-cognitive skills and their relation to income mobility. Perhaps surprisingly (perhaps not), the author found that inequality in an index of … [Read more]

Alternatives to Torture

Intelligence agencies are not filled with moral philosophers by any means. Cheating and deception kind of go with the territory. The recent report on the CIA’s use of terror has raised two questions. First, is torture moral. Second, is torture … [Read more]

Sauron and the Metaphysical Moscow

A friend of mine from Moscow has been posting for several days about a cool event scheduled for December 11th. The Eye of Sauron was going to appear on a tower in the Moscow-City business center. It would have been huge, and very prominent. Well, … [Read more]

Household Demographics

I've relied on economist Mark Perry before regarding inequality and demographics. Not much has changed since last year. As Perry summarizes, Specifically, high-income households have a greater average number of income-earners than households in … [Read more]