Cited at Real Clear Politics

I came across a Real Clear Politics post the other day by Cathy Young: Mutiny at the Hugo Awards. It's surprisingly fair coverage from a mainstream outlet, but I guess that makes sense since Young also writes for In any case, I was … [Read more]

Lots of Hugo Losers

I have spent an inordinate amount of time following the Hugos this year, including over a dozen interviews with writers and editors in the sci-fi community, and so I was up until 3am on Sunday morning looking through the results. I've read a lot of … [Read more]

The Costs of Health Insurance Coverage

There’s an oft-expressed view that getting all those people covered could actually save the health system money. The argument goes something like this: Once people have insurance, they’ll go to the doctor instead of an expensive emergency room. Or: … [Read more]

Unlivable Philosophy

In the course of reading philosophy, I sometimes find myself objecting to philosophical ideas not on the grounds that the ideas are demonstrably false (although they very well may be) but rather that, even if they were true, we simply couldn't live … [Read more]

On Being Pacifist

I've never identified as a pacifist. However, I think this is due to my view of pacifism being tainted by the American expression of it. As economist Bryan Caplan explains, I'm a pacifist, but I've never been intellectually impressed with the U.S. … [Read more]