Who’s Better At Science?

No one. Stop it. No seriously, stop. The story of this thought starts here. Dan Kahan over at the Cultural Cognition blog found in his studies that, counter to his expectations, "identifying with the Tea Party correlates positively (r = 0.05,p = … [Read more]

Understanding the Cosmological Argument

I try to avoid Difficult Run posts that essentially regurgitate someone else's blog post, but Edward Feser's So you think you understand the cosmological argument? constitutes the best post I have read on both the cosmological argument itself and the … [Read more]

Yglesias: American Democracy is Doomed

Matthew Yglesias says American democracy is doomed. I am tempted to follow the lead of the good folks at Jr. Ganymede and conclude the opposite but--also like those good folks--I think Yglesias has a point. It's a long article and it's worth your … [Read more]