Yes, but Angus T. Jones Still Thinks It’s Filth…

On Monday the Internet was abuzz with news that Angus T. Jones (the “1/2” from “Two and a Half Men”) had found Jesus, declared the show “filth” and asked people to stop watching it. (He’s stuck making it for another year because of a contract.) To which I responded “It took him 10 years to notice?” Yesterday, Vulture (a popular blog covering the media) printed Angus’s apology and noted that we now had “Two polar opposite perspectives.”  Except that we don’t. Angus apologized to the cast and crew of the show (who depend for their livelihood on people watching it) and also expressed gratitude to Lorre and others (for giving him 10 years of work and stacks of cash), but the heart of his earlier comment was that the show is “filth”. Nothing he said actually retracted that. And why should he?

3 thoughts on “Yes, but Angus T. Jones Still Thinks It’s Filth…”

  1. I saw a discussion on the original post yesterday where some were applauding him taking a moral stand, while others pointed out that it’s halfhearted at best — that we’ll have to see whether he walks at the end of his contract, that he could break the contract, that he could use the “stacks of cash” for some good purpose, etc. Seems there was also a “It took him 10 years to realize this?” somewhere in there.

    (I should state at this point that I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of the show here and there.)

  2. Angus just turned 19. He started the show when he was around 9. The fact that he came away with a perspective that was “this is not normal or right” is actually pretty amazing. Most in Hollywood don’t go in that direction.

  3. I figure the kid has had a weird life. He’s been in this show since he was 9 or 10 years old, that’s got to be a strange way to grow up, and he’s probably really wealthy, slightly undereducated, and definitely out of touch with the real world. I hope he works it out, eventually, since a lot of child actors never do.

    In any case, I thought he actually did an admirable job of trying to apologize to folks he might have hurt / owes a lot to without actually backing down from his principles.

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