Lutheran Insults: You are a bungling magpie, croaking loudly!

Perhaps you did not realize this fact, but there is a hole in your life where an authentic Lutheran insult-generator should be. Now that you have this link, the void is filled. And now that the void is filled, you will realize how  much you have always wanted to be able to tell someone who cuts you off in traffic:

Get out in the name of a thousand devils, and break your neck before you are out of the city!

Or perhaps to the neighbors whose dogs leave surprises in your yard:

You are spiritual scarecrows and monk calves!

For best use, I suggest employing the random insult generator. If, however, you are a glutton for genuine 16th century insults of great piety, you can peruse the complete listing. Keep in mind that the kind of gluttony would reveal that you are “hellish scum”.

I wonder if there’s an app for this…

2 thoughts on “Lutheran Insults: You are a bungling magpie, croaking loudly!”

  1. I hope you never hear this one (the quotes are so you don’t think it is from me):

    “Just as the devil is disorderly and jumbles things together, so your writings and head are equally disordered and mixed up, so that it is exceedingly annoying to read and difficult to remember what you write.”

    From Against the Heavenly Prophets, pg. 146 of Luther’s Works, Vol. 40

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