5 thoughts on “The (Mormon) Meaning of a Beard”

  1. I’d just like to chime in publicly and gripe about this. I’m more than a little irritated that the standard of dress – appropriated from the business world mind you – becomes to some people an outward measure of you devotion. I call shenanigans.

  2. Here here Trevor!

    I also sport a light beardy beard because I think my face looks more comely with it.

    There was that old BYU story / faith-promoting-rumor:

    One Sunday, a man with a long beard appeared in a BYU ward. So appalling was his lack of respect for the BYU Honor Code that many of the ward members avoided him for fear he was just being antagonistic.

    In sacrament meeting the bishop stood at the podium and welcomed the new visitor. He explained that he was in the film department of BYU and would be portraying the Savior in an upcoming production, and therefore had permission to grow the beard.

    All the ward members were ashamed of themselves for having shunned “Jesus” and they went home and cried.

  3. I am also an active beard sporter (the red underline means that’s not a word, right?), meaning I am active, and have a beard.

    In my experience, it seems that almost all higher-up callings, bishopric, high council, stake presidency, etc., are clean shaven. However, my boss is in the bishopric of his ward and has been allowed to keep his beard. Apparently this can be determined on a stake level?

  4. I usually sport some sort of facial hair on a weekly basis. I work a strange schedule and a razor rarely touches my face on long weeks. I might clean it up as a goatee for church. The long weekends, though, I’m usually shaved (my wife complains about the hair).

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