Sail Cat? Or Fail Cat?

Today has been a very stressful and very busy day. So this video helped. I hope it helps you too.

The music totally makes it, right? And look: someone made an image. I need this on a t-shirt, stat!

2012 02 21 Sail Cat

P.S. YouTube poster says the cat was fine, so that keeps the humor-level high. :-D

3 thoughts on “Sail Cat? Or Fail Cat?”

  1. It’s great, Jon. I actually downloaded your wallpaper as well and set it as desktop at work. I think the colors are great as-is for a shirt if the whole shirt is the beige/offwhite and not just a square around the image. But hey, you’re the artist. I’m the person who uses words like “beige/offwhite” in what I’m sure are innaccurate ways…

    Let me know when there’s a shirt available, and I’ll definitely tell everyone I know!

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