Hate Mail, Origami, and Prayer

2013-04-03 Hate Mail Origami

This post is from a blog I’d never read before, so I’m not sure why Rachel Held Evans (the author) gets hate mail, but apparently she does. She decided to turn the hate mail into origami in order to make something beautiful out of something hateful (what an excellent concept!), and, as she says:

It felt a little awkward at first, but as I moved my fingers across those painful words, folding them into one another to make wings, then a neck, then a crooked little beak, healing tears fell, and I let my fingers pray.

I love the concept, and the whole piece is very touching. What sticks with me most, however, is the idea of fingers praying. I suppose prayer originates in the heart, and there’s no reason that it could not be expressed through actions other than speech. It’s a beautiful thought, and something for me to meditate over.

2 thoughts on “Hate Mail, Origami, and Prayer”

  1. I’m willing to guess that she gets hate mail from fundamentalist Christians who do not like her more liberal views of Christianity and politics.

  2. Hate mail is not a very christian way to show that you disagree with someone, thought it never surprises me how someone proclaims to love Christ and then hate everyone who disagrees even slightly with their point of view.

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