First Ever Footage of Live Oarfish in Deep Water

Oarfish are mysterious because, until now, they’ve only ever been observed near the surface of the water dead or dying, and not in their native, deep ocean habitat. There’s nothing really impressive about the dead specimens except their size (up to 30 feet long) and shape (weirdly flat).

2013-06-06 oarfish

But now there’s video of a live oarfish taking by a remotely operated vehicle. Alive and where they belong, these creatures a beautiful and amazing looking. Watch for yourself:

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2 thoughts on “First Ever Footage of Live Oarfish in Deep Water”

  1. But seriously, there’s something beautiful to me about the idea that God has created such elegant, gorgeous, and interesting creatures even though humans might never see them and they are by no means keystones to the perpetuity of life on earth. That tells me something significant about the creation and about the Creator.

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