Reasons My Son Is Crying Or: My Wife’s New Calling

When my wife saw this tumblr: Reasons My Son is Crying (and especially when she saw that they were talking submissions), she knew that she had found a new calling in life. The theme is simple:

A – Pic of child crying
B – Explanation of perfectly mundane, non-tragic thing that triggered the tears

The most recent pic (at the time I wrote this) is a perfect example:

“We showed him a bonsai.”

And yet, despite the simplicity, an infinite variety of hilarity ensues.

“She didn’t want to be in our family photo.”

Check out the site, ’cause there’s more where these come from! Oh, and if you submit one yourself, could you drop a line? I’d love to see ’em!

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  1. Just discovered your blog. I saw many interesting comments on the Times & Seasons blog post about the Lorenzo Snow couplet. You had many trenchant comments that resonated with me.

    Would love to correspond about some of these doctrinal issues.

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