Famous Statues Dressed as Hipsters

2013-06-24 Hipster Statues

So this is pretty amazing: if you dress up famous statues in hipster clothing (even those in seemingly ridiculous poses like the one above), you transform them into relatable characters. It’s amazing. I sort of think that it might actually be the closest we can come to seeing these statues the way they were originally perceived by their historical audiences. We tend to think of people from the distant past as being much different, but I figure folks are mostly just folks, and a lot of the same things we care about (e.g. being cool) are pretty constant through society. In any case, these are cool images. Check them out.

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  1. I don’t know about the above statue, but the ancient Greeks actually used to paint theirs in really gaudy bright colors. The classic white marble look is how we would find them, after the paint chipped off.

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