Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Coming Soon!

Got the news from Film School Rejects. Here’s the trailer:

Oh, yeah. I need to see this. I’ve always been caught between respect for Mr. Watterson as an artist and a very private person, and this wish as a fan that we could have more. The more private he is, the more I want some kind of explanation, discussion, or something. But you know, the fact that you can’t buy any licensed goods might just be part of what makes the comics so special to so many people. And, in the end, Mr. Watterson created one of the most important cultural touchstones of the 20th century. Do we have a right to expect more? Probably not, so let’s be content with a documentary like this one.

1 thought on “Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Coming Soon!”

  1. Bill Watterson wasn’t too shy or mysterious about his reasons for choosing to forgo merchandising and the resultant money it would’ve made him, or his reasons for retiring so early in his career (vs., say, Charles Schulz). I just read the long intro to his complete works (that Laurel bought for Stevie a couple of months ago in a random fit of generosity), and he lays it out pretty clearly. Also — this documentary combines so many of my loves (comics, Calvin and Hobbes, people talking about comics, documentaries), that I’ll be sure to track it down and watch it. Thanks for the heads up.

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