GOP Finally Aims at Democrats (Instead of Own Foot)

2013-10-21 Obamcare

Now that the government shut down is over and the debt ceiling debate is over (or at least postponed), the National Review and other right-leaning outlets can finally start to focus their fire on just how incredibly, terribly bad the Obamacare websites are. 

And I mean, it’s a mess. For $645m they managed to put together a site that doesn’t work, risks privacy, and apparently violates terms of service for a lot of the software that got used along the way. I’m pretty sure that if they’d given me half the time and 1% of the budget I could have had a functional site on line.

If the GOP had used this as the reason for trying to delay the  individual mandate (not defund Obamacare) I think they might have had a shot at winning and coincidentally doing some good.

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  1. Come on Nathaniel! The reason is having so many problems is that there was this guy who made an anti-Muslim video. Which is just sad, if you ask me.

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