How Women Perceive Men With Beards

In the interests of science, researchers asked this question. Then wrote a paper in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior. But you don’t need to read the paper because, thanks to the Visual Communication Guy, the results have been distilled into this handy-dandy infographic.

2014-03-12 Beard Inforgraphic

As a man with heavy stubble (based on these classifications), these results do not look too bad. Still, I wish I could grow mine out just a bit fuller…

7 thoughts on “How Women Perceive Men With Beards”

  1. Have always considered growing a beard – this information may have just clinched the decision. Though as a happily married man, I am really only interested in the impressions of a very limited sample size (1). Research shouldn’t take long…

  2. Interesting! I imagine the beard factor is not totally independent of jawline. I know there’s research out there on men’s jawlines and their likelihood of attaining leadership roles, advancing in career, etc. My husband has more olive skin and a very strong jawline — physical features that give him an advantage in the work place and add to his very commanding presence; We all know that discrimination on a range of physical features exists. Anyway, growing a beard softens and hides his jawline to a degree and actually reduces his attractiveness, in my opinion (It also overwhelms his face — He can grow a thick beard in like an hour). A five-o’clock shadow enhances his jaw even more, and I think it is very attractive on him. But I find guys with weaker jawlines can enhance the jaw with heavy stubble or a beard, so it works to their advantage to grow facial hair. And I have always thought beards look more fatherly, even though my own dad never grew one. Who knew beards could be so interesting :)?

  3. I wonder how men perceive men with beards? If you’re trying to make your way in the world, it isn’t just the gals you got to impress. Unfortunately.

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