Times And Seasons: As Much As I Know Anything

2014-03-31 Before the PulpitToday’s post for Times And Seasons is basically just my testimony. I’ve had lots of people ask me why I believe over the years, and usually I’ve been incapable of giving a simple, concise answer. When I got asked the question again the week before last, however, I finally had an answer. Along with it, I had an understanding of why I’d been unable to express my faith more easily in the past. Read the post at Times And Seasons for the rest. It’s called As Much As I Know Anything.

Incidentally: I neglected to link to my last Times And Seasons post when I posted it two weeks ago. That one was called Human Evolution: Problems and Possibilities.

1 thought on “Times And Seasons: As Much As I Know Anything”

  1. Nathaniel: Thank you for composing and sharing your testimony. I found it moving and very close to my own religious beliefs. “We don’t really know anything, so let’s pick a few things to ‘know’ that will lead us to the best life we can achieve…”

    If they’re not too private, I would like to hear about some of the miracles you’ve experienced. I don’t know many people with a good understanding of probability, psychology, and physics who have experienced miracles.

    I have witnessed miracles on multiple occasions, some private and some public. And really: how many signs should it take?

    Given the frailty of human perception, lots, and corroborated by multiple observers.

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