The Slow Hunch: February – July 2015

Apparently I’m not very good at self-promotion. I said before that I would provide monthly recaps of my personal blog The Slow Hunch, but I’ve failed to do so the last…5 months.

So here I am again to provide all three readers of my blog with a lengthy list of posts you probably missed:


3 thoughts on “The Slow Hunch: February – July 2015”

  1. These are some really excellent posts, Walker. I’ve read the first four and so far I’m really, really impressed. Thanks for posting this to remind me to go read them. (I’m gonna watch the TED talk about factory workers in China during lunch.)

  2. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting these. Is there a link to your academic paper? I am particularly interested in the topic of work/toil in our post-agricultural workplace. I have a personal interest: outside of my white collar job I spend practically all free time with my family working on our hobby farm, raising food, reskilling, etc. The new perspective has been life-altering.

  3. Nathaniel,

    Awww, shucks.


    It was originally on my page, but I’ve taken it down for the time being because I’ve submitted a revised version to BYU Studies Quarterly that is currently under review. However, I’ll send the conference version of the paper to the email on your site. Thanks for your interest!

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