Donald Trump: Plant for the Dems

donald-trumpWell someone with more legitimacy (at least in the political world) has picked up my theory that DT is a plant for the Democrats.  I believe this theory because he has actually made me consider voting for Hillary, and that is a turn of events I find hard to believe.

Carlos Curbelo, a Republican congressman from Florida, has stated,

“Mr. Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were at his last wedding, he has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation, (and) he has contributed to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

Along with the fact that Trump has said he will run as an independent if he doesn’t get the nomination, everything points to: plant.  Even his hair.  Or especially.

Please, spread this theory.  Make all your friends suspicious of DT, not just the sane ones.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Plant for the Dems”

  1. So, “ugh” was all I could manage initially because it’s Donald Trump. And… ugh. Amirite?

    But hey, at least this was pretty hilarious:

    Even his hair. Or especially.

    The sad unavoidable truth is that, even if DT isn’t a Democratic plant (and he’s probably not), he may as well be.

    The thing Democrats do not understand when they view DT as emblematic of the Republican Party is that there is probably nobody who hates DT as much as many Republicans do. But the Republicans have to keep their mouths shut to some extent because if DT throws a temper tantrum and runs, he is basically guaranteed to hand the election to the Democrats. Elections are close, and if even only a small fraction of the GOP decide to vote for this wingnut, it could easily sway the outcome.

    So of course the GOP hates Trump, for the most part. He just also happens to have a gun pointed at their head.

  2. Yes, Nathaniel, but there are an awful lot of people (interviewed in “man on the street” news polls, answering the major polls) who claim to be Republicans and claim to love Trump because he “isn’t politically correct, speaks his mind, and is an outsider”. I mean, you have a point, but not all Republicans are just sitting silently and wishing Trump away. (Unless all the poll-takers are also plants, and that’s a conspiracy theory too far for me.)

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