“You Can’t Use Media If You Want To Understand the World”

So says statistician Hans Rosling in the Swedish Deadline interview below. Modern journalism often distorts our perception of the world, making many believe that we are headed to hell in a handbasket. But we’re not. Rosling explains to his skeptical interviewer that most countries are “in the middle” in terms of prosperity and the people of these countries “go to school, they get vaccinated, and they have two child families.” The overpopulation scare is nonsense, according to Rosling, because “the number of children in the world has stopped increasing1 because most people use contraceptives.”2 In response to the claims of “war, conflicts, chaos,” Rosling points to Nigeria’s “fantastic election,” the 2014 election in Indonesia, and India’s elimination of tetanus. The problem, in Rosling’s view, is that news outlets “only show a small part and call that “the world.”” When challenged as to what evidence provides the base for his worldview, Rosling’s concluding remark is priceless: “I use normal statistics that are compiled by the World Bank and the UN. And that’s not controversial. This isn’t something to discuss. I am right and you are wrong.”

If you haven’t seen Rosling’s site Gapminder, you should. Check it out.

1 thought on ““You Can’t Use Media If You Want To Understand the World””

  1. I think you can boil it down to the media puts the focus on whatever their agenda is. I read a recent blog article on this blog about gun.

    I thought I recalled that something was mentioned such as that gun ownership since the 90s have gone up quite a lot but homicide by firearms have gone down.

    I like this blurb though. I agree that the media blows stuff way out of proportion and it screws greatly with a persons worldview.

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