Master of Puppets: 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago today, one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time[ref]Arguably the greatest heavy metal album of all time.[/ref] was released: Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Philosopher William Irwin puts it well:

Something outsiders may not have realized at the time should be crystal clear to all 30 years later: Master of Puppets is serious music, a work of art. It is not mere entertainment, and it certainly is not party music. It’s meant to be felt and contemplated. Please don’t confuse Metallica with Kiss or Van Halen. Like ancient Greek tragedy, serious heavy metal can deliver a catharsis, a purging of negative emotions. With Master of Puppets, the chief emotions are anger and despair. The galloping guitar riffs and soulful solos, backed by the pounding bass and drums provide the soundtrack for alienated adolescent life. But it was the lyrics that spoke to me most.

“A theme of manipulation and resistance runs throughout the album,” including that which comes from addiction (“Master of Puppets”), religious and political power (“Leper Messiah,” “Disposable Heroes”), and insanity/social constraints (“Welcome Home/Sanitarium”).[ref]One could include violence (“Battery,” “Damage, Inc.”) and even supernatural evil (“The Thing That Should Not Be”).[/ref] Metallica was the reason I began taking guitar playing more seriously. They were the catalyst for my expanding musical palate. And they continue to be one of my favorite bands and Master of Puppets one of my favorite albums.

2 thoughts on “Master of Puppets: 30th Anniversary”

  1. \../ >_< \../ I love me some Metallica. I had the classic middle school/high school experience with Metallica.

  2. Master of Puppets is a seminal work. It’s worth pointing out that Cliff Burton’s influence was far more pronounced on this album than the previous two. It’s such a tragedy that he was lost at so young an age.

    . . .And Justice for All, as far as the lyrics go, is just as compelling as MOP, but the sound mix was terrible and it’s not quite as majestic in my opinion.

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