In the Zone

You know how I’ve been preaching against zoning laws over the last year? Well, allow me to do so again. According to Richard Reeves and Dimitrios Halikias at the Brookings Institution, “the movement of less-skilled workers to higher-growth areas has not risen in recent years, a break with the historical pattern[.]” It seems that regulation is … Read more

Government Barriers to Upward Mobility

A new study out of George Mason University looks at government barriers to upward economic mobility. Economist Steve Horwitz investigates three main factors: Occupational licensing Zoning laws and other small business regulations Regressive taxation As he explains in the opening of the study, A common assumption in public policy is that government regulation of the … Read more

Six Policies to Improve Social Mobility

A recent event panel at the Brookings Institution looked at a number of possible policy solutions to improve social mobility for children across the nation. Take notice that most deal with on-the-ground local issues: Target housing vouchers more effectively. Build public housing in low-poverty areas, instead of high-poverty areas. Reform exclusionary zoning laws. Better enforcement … Read more