Brexit, Trump, Sanders

If you Google “Trump” and “Brexit” you’ll get an avalanche of articles suggesting that the explanation of the UK’s vote to leave the EU is an expression of populist outrage, resurgent nationalism, and an admixture of xenophobia to boot. That might not be accurate. Walker’s post highlighted an alternative view. But let’s roll with it … Read more

Close-Minded Christians Protest Bernie Sanders… Oh Wait…

Jesse Singal makes a simple but worthwhile point at NYMag: Liberty University Students Survived the Unsafe Space Created by Bernie Sanders and His Pro-Choice Views (somehow). The backstory is simple: Bernie Sanders came to speak at notoriously conservative Liberty University and, although he faced tough questions from a generally hostile crowd, no one protested to … Read more

“Sounds a Lot Like Trump”: Economists’ Reactions to Warren’s Economic Policies

Over at the Peterson Institute, there is a rundown of Elizabeth Warren’s “A Plan for Economic Patriotism.” You can read the analysis for yourself here, but I wanted to point out three things that jumped out at me: The comparison to Trump (see the photo above). The number of “Good idea, but…” Almost every potentially … Read more

Once More For the People in the Back: Nordic Countries Aren’t Socialist

So here’s something I’ve been saying for the last few years. From The Washington Post: Undoubtedly, the Nordic nations, with their high incomes, low inequality, free politics and strong rule of law, represent success stories. What this has to do with socialism, though, is another question. And the answer, according to a highly clarifying new report from … Read more

Are There Children in America Living on $2 a Day?

From Reason: Claims that millions of Americans are mired in extreme poverty, barely surviving on $2 or $4 a day, are false, according to a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The paper, released June 3, is by Bruce Meyer, Derek Wu, and Victoria Mooers of the Harris School of Public Policy at … Read more

Stuff I Say at School – Part II: Self-Interested Politicians

This is part of the Stuff I Say at School series. The Assignment After listening to [Benjamin] Ginsberg‘s lecture, do you agree with his assessment that politics is all about interests and power? The Stuff I Said Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson’s recent book The Elephant in the Brain demonstrates that these underlying desires for power and status inform … Read more

The Social Science of Identity Politics

Political scientist Sheri Berman has an excellent piece in The Guardian that covers some of the most relevant social science on identity politics and its implications: Rather than being directly translated into behavior, psychologists tell us beliefs can remain latent until “triggered”. In a fascinating study, Karen Stenner shows in The Authoritarian Dynamic that while … Read more

The condescension of Hillary Clinton.

Joining the ranks of Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright before her, Hillary Clinton asserts that if women didn’t vote for her, it must be because they just do what men tell them to. Democrats “do not do well with white men, and we don’t do well with married, white women,” she said. “And part of … Read more