“Sounds a Lot Like Trump”: Economists’ Reactions to Warren’s Economic Policies

Over at the Peterson Institute, there is a rundown of Elizabeth Warren’s “A Plan for Economic Patriotism.” You can read the analysis for yourself here, but I wanted to point out three things that jumped out at me: The comparison to Trump (see the photo above). The number of “Good idea, but…” Almost every potentially … Read more

What Was the Cost of Trump’s Trade War in 2018?

A new working paper confirms what economists have been saying about tariffs all along: Economists have long argued that there are real income losses from import protection. Using the evidence to date from the 2018 trade war, we find empirical support for these arguments. We estimate the cumulative deadweight welfare cost (reduction in real income) … Read more

Trump’s Approval Ratings Among Religions

Well, this is disappointing: President Donald Trump received well-above-average job approval ratings in 2017 from Mormons and Protestants, and well-below-average ratings from those who identify with a non-Christian faith, including Muslims and Jews, and from those who have no formal religious identity. Catholics’ approval of Trump roughly matched the national average. Mormon: 61% Protestant/Other Christian: … Read more

Why Trump Won, A Reminder

So we’ve got a lot of people acting as though the election of Donald J. Trump represents a seismic shift in the American electorate and–just maybe!–a prelude to the Fourth Reich. This is just a reminder that the data don’t bear that out. It’s not exactly news–Slate Star Codex carried it right after the election–but … Read more

An Upside to Trump?

It’s no secret that I was, am, and will remain #NeverTrump. But two stories I saw today made me think of a possible upside to the Trump presidency. Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say Ann Coulter trashes Trump: ‘This is the great negotiator?’ Now, I’m not saying Coulter … Read more

Donald Trump the Peronist

[Trump’s] nationalistic view reminds me, of course, of [Juan] Peron, in some regards. – Sebastion Edwards Financial Times‘s Cardiff Garcia has an incredibly enlightening interview with UCLA¬†economist Sebastian Edwards on the economics of populism. Garcia: …Americans have been taken off-guard by some of the phrasings of Donald Trump and what he says is part of … Read more

All Trumped-Out

I’ve been feeling Trumped-out since before the election, and I had hoped post election (perhaps naively even after he won) that the Trump obsession would dwindle to a hum. I’ve been dissapointed to say the least (please, Facebook, bring back memes about cats and tacos, I’ve had enough Trump.) I have, however, managed to come … Read more